meet sharla


yesterday, her son everett was baptized into the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i was so happy i could go and take part in this important part of his life. my boys went with me, and i, of course, took photos.

(fyi: in the mormon church, you get baptized when you are eight because then you are old enough to understand gospel principles and be held accountable for your actions. you also have to wear all white, which is why everett and dad are in white jumpsuits.)

meet the heffington family.


kim is a fellow designer at 2peas. she was on vacation out my way and we met up for a photo shoot. last summer, she did a shoot for me in her home studio. she got some TERRIFIC shots. (i really need to bust those out and get them printed!) (and share them here.) they are so good. so so good. anyway, we met up last week at the beach for a family shoot.

family shoots are always a little nerve wracking. expectations are high for the photographer and the kids, everyone is trying to look nice and pretty. and i am trying to make everyone relax and act naturally. not always easy. :) to top it off, the momma of this family is a talented photographer! talk about pressure! im lucky kim is a friend so this actually felt really natural. and it was really fun.

i was hoping for dream conditions: empty beach and fog bank. we didnt get either. hot bright sun and big freakin’ crowd! AND high tide, so the pier i was planning on using as shade was hit or miss, depending on the wave.

we moved fast and kept a close eye on the water. we basically stayed in the same ten foot spot of beach for the whole shoot. the only shade we could find. :)

i think i made it work, and i have already heard from kim and she loves them, so i am going to put aside my nitpicks and show them to you.

here they are.

this is christine


she is one part of a group of women i have known for a very long time. we met in 1996.



christine, sharla, erin, and i realized we had scrapbooking in common, so we met every wednesday night at one of our houses. it was something we all looked forward to so much. it was such a fun time in my life. after about a year, we all moved. we split up. all over southern california. our wednesday nights turned into once a month saturdays. and then those turned into every other month overnighters. our group grew over the years to add sheridan, stacy, carole, and celestial.

now christine lives in arizona, so we see each other even less, but when we do it is always just like it was before.

it was her birthday last week, so i took her out front and attacked her with my camera. :)

more photos of my friend here.