Hello and happy friday, guys. My blog resolve is strong, it being the first thing I decided to do (after laundry) as soon as I started feeling better from the flu and an endless stream of migraines the last few weeks. The session that got the most interest from my 2018 recap came in at a close tie with four other images, so I am prepping those blog posts to roll out next.

This session is one of the women who I met ten years ago on a retreat Em Falconbridge and I held in Thailand. (Find Yourself Retreat.) It was so so lovely to see her after a husband and three of the sweetest children ever were added to her life. It was also my last session in Australia. The perfect one to wrap on, full of so much reciprocal love and seeing of the other.

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  1. Gosh, these photographs almost make me want to cry. The different stages of life. The baby bum cause baby bums are so cute and fleeting. The baby hands on the mama’s chest. It all goes so fast. Life moments that you captured beautifully.

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