Hi people, that’s me. I travel for my job. It scares me but it has added real satisfaction to my life. I have a hunger and an innocent curiosity to see EVERYTHING, how people live, what other somewheres look like, sunsets over different hills. Every trip, I go through the same things: excitement, anxiety, self doubt, worry I will get sick/my back will go out, inspiration, beauty, confidence, laughter, giving, power, satisfaction, and resolve not to get anxious next time. It’s a wild ride.

I have met so many lovely people. I have learned to take time for myself to recharge in between sessions. I get really into the skincare routine I typically slack off on at home. I starfish in my hotel bed, the one I have all to myself. I scarf down take-out in that same bed after a long day of work, watching trash TV and Face-timing my family. I drive to my sessions, taking the long way just so I can see more, music UP, windows open, iced tea in the cup holder.

All of the challenges always turn out to be worth it. People in airplanes. Airplanes. Not always knowing prime locations I would want to shoot in. Cancellations due to weather/client illness. Light and weather need to be adapted to. I learn more about myself, photography, and people every trip.

My first three are sold out, but I have openings in Paris/London/NYC/San Francisco. Click here for dates/info. I’d very much appreciate photographing you and yours.


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  1. We are SO thankful for your decision to travel! One of the best family experiences ever. I even tried to get to Paris at the time you are there so John and I could get anniversary pictures! Your pictures and our session meant the world to us. Never doubt yourself silly goose. Hugs sweetie!

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