Hey! This week I am announcing my planned travel locations for the year. (Which is pretty big for me because usually I wait to the last minute to plan everything.) Last year was the first time I traveled for work in a long time and it ended up being one of my favorite things I did in 2015. It satisfied so many things for me. One, I was able to get away and have some time to myself. Two, I was able to support my family. Three, I got to TRAVEL and see how other people live, which is SUCH an innocent curiosity for me. Traveling alone also pushed me out of my comfort zone, so every successful trip filled me up to the brim with bravery and confidence. That I CAN DO THIS feeling is the best! And feels a whole lot better than the beginning of a trip jitters. So, I can’t wait to get started again and can’t wait to find out who I will be meeting this year.

I’ll be sharing one location each day all week. A few locations are repeats, and one or two might surprise you.

First up is one of my favorite places on this Earth, good ol’ Texas.


How it works:

Please email me via the contact link above with your city in the subject to express interest. I do two sessions a day so space is limited. I am looking for local families/people who want to start at home and then take me somewhere they LOVE. I want to see your city, your way. This is not about getting perfect portraits, but about creating a story with images that show you what your life and your love looks like.

Talk to you soon!

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