Ohhh, I am super excited about this Fall. I haven’t been to NYC for a few years and I can’t wait to get back and feel the energy and be a part of it all. I am really hoping to work with some city living families in both locations so please reach out if you think that could be you!


How it works:

NYC is open to some parts of New Jersey as well.

Please email me via the contact link above with your city in the subject to express interest. I do two sessions a day so space is limited. I am looking for local families/people who want to start at home and then take me somewhere they LOVE. I want to see your city, your way. This is not about getting perfect portraits, but about creating a story with images that show you what your life and your love looks like.

PS :

Tomorrow is my biggest travel announcement yet! Even I can’t believe I am going for it.

Talk to you then!

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