The babies were due in just two weeks. This sweet Momma was uncomfortable and moving slowly, her body at full capacity. Brought me right back to those days at the end where you just want to button your jeans over a very flat stomach.

The gorgeous, round, ripe belly she was carrying around was really fun to photograph, and I also loved being present during their after school shower-the-toddler routine. I hope I gave her a little bit of reprieve as we took photos, even just by getting her mind off things for awhile.

And encouraging her to buy donuts.

San Francisco.



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  1. Wow she looks amazing I just had twin girls (no other kids) and no way I would of been able to manage a gorgeous toddler and Photoshoot and be that pregnant! Hats off rockstar momma :) x

  2. Ah yes. I remember those days – baby + baby, everywhere. EVERYWHERE. No room for food. Bladder like a thimble. Breathing in short gasps. There is no hiding a twin pregnancy!

    Lovely photos, as usual.

    I LOVE the nerdy periodic table!

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