We are all out celebrating my brother’s birthday, and Spencer and Alisha are sitting across the table from us. Alisha gets up to get a drink of water, and Spencer leans in and quietly asks me, “Are you busy in May?” I narrow my eyes at him and ask, “WHY.” Scratching his beard, smiling, he whispers, “I might need some photos.”

I squealed because I immediately caught what he was throwing down and plans were put into place.

Then this happened, we all laughed and cried through a little photo shoot. The most fun ever to be there for this. Then I left them to meet both of our families at his Mom’s house. While we all sat around, his mom told a cute story about Spencer and asked everyone to share stories about the newly engaged couple. I racked my brain for the perfect story, and couldn’t come up with one I thought was good enough to share. Also, social anxiety. When there was a lull I jokingly said something like, “Alisha was kind of a brat.” And everyone giggled but I immediately felt bad for saying it. For teasing her instead of saying something heartfelt.

What I should have said was that I was only 12 when she was born but that I became her second mother and she was my first daughter. That I fell so hard for her, so, so fast. That she followed me around everywhere and loved hanging out in my room when I was a teenager and she was a toddler. How we used to jump on my bed and dance to music. How I loved getting her dressed. How she was a little bit of a brat but that she had the funniest little ponytail that sprouted from the top of her head like a whale spout and the sweetest dimples that came out when she smiled at me mischeviously. And that as we have both grown up and become who we are, I am so glad our relationship grew from “daughter” and sister, to fashion icon, peer, and friend.

I am so happy for you, Alisha. My baby sister.

Spencer, I’m so excited to have you in our family. We are slightly sappy and emotional, welcome. xo

PS – There is a slideshow sharing the entire proposal “story”, with the most beautiful perfect song that Alisha picked out. If you’d like to see it, click here.

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  1. gushing: love this. how you start shooting from afar and then the images zoom in. how it unfolds as a story – i felt like i was there, holding my breath, looking over your shoulder. love the intimacies of the moments, when they are alone or together and how in that great big space they seem like it’s theirs alone…yeah right down to the pop of red roses & red nail polish against his shirt…beautiful…bravissimo. congrats to spencer & alisha!

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