At the beginning, I could see that they had a preconceived idea of how a “photo shoot” works, and what was so cool is how quickly they relaxed into the way I do things. I especially love when I win over Dad, because as we all know Mom is the only one that really wants to be there. By the end I could tell that he had really enjoyed himself, and the kids were inviting me to dinner. No better feeling than that.

This was their first family session and I am grateful I was able to have this experience with them. This is one of my favorite sessions from 2014.


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  1. i scrolled thru and was thinking : this one! o THIS one! o the B&W sandy hands!… makes me think of peering thru a kalaidescope: a day’s images/moments from different perspectives, places, colors…all coming together in some mandala-esque whole. funny thing about what you said about the preconception and mama. my secret wistfulness when i look at your work: i always think that if Tara came, i’d be the only one into it, my husband wouldn’t love it and the shoot wouldn’t be as special as the ones you’ve shared…

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