“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.” -Oscar Wilde

The You Are My Wild group is at it again, with some new contributors. This time we aren’t limiting ourselves to much of anything, we just want a place to experiment and inspire each other, with the loose theme of documenting the fleeting nature of time.

This project has pushed me into experimenting with the video feature on my Canon, and I sense a new love forming.

We have been coming here for twelve years.
Music – Bibio, Lover’s Carvings.

Because They Don’t Last Long.

If you missed our previous project, and would like to see my entries, you can check them out here.

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  1. I love seeing stuff in motion on your blog, I hope it’s a new thing.

    A good editing exercise: recut this, while keeping the same “story”, in half the time. Editing video takes a lot of discipline, and generally isn’t finished until you’ve lost your favorite shot.

  2. really love this – one of my favorite things is how you play with focus, it just gives it that old school feeling. also love the random plant shot. hope to see more!

  3. love getting glimpses of your family through your eyes. i am parenting teenagers too (both girls, 18 and 13) and you capture a lot of what i am feeling as this journey continues. anna reminds me so much of my youngest, cami. i love her necklace — my cami just bought one and wears it all the time (can’t believe those stretchy chokers are back in style!) drew is so tall, and those eyebrows! and nate…wow. what a beautiful boy he is.

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