now on my list: rent a beach house

This was the best vacation beach rental I have ever seen. This wasn’t our first session together. When we started it was only the two of them, and every time there is someone new to meet. Love these people. Pretty much a dream night.

Just a coincidence about the s’mores, funny.

Oceanside @ beach time



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  1. That’s it, Tara! We’ll just come to you instead of waiting for you to get to Texas! I was seriously just talking with The Hubs this weekend about this same idea!

    I love the beautiful image of the sweet little girl and her eyelashes! Sigh. I love the sippy cups and the kids chairs. Dad and his guitar, mom and her dimple, and those little girls are just precious!

    I’ll take real life over stiff poses and plastic skin any day!

  2. I really love this shoot. I love the exposures, not too bright–shows so much depth in the colors. I also adore how the whole shoot seems to be echoing the colors of the girls’ eyes and golden hair.

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