boy energy

When you walk up to a pack of boys with a camera you aren’t exactly the most popular person around. They would rather be in chemistry or mowing the lawn. I let them know right away that I knew they hated this, but that I was going to make it as easy as possible for them. Pretty sure the s’mores sealed the deal. Loved their boy energy.




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  1. Once again…so perfect. Sooooo California. I swear, families in your state are some of the most freakin’ beautiful people on the planet.

    PS – And yeah for a mama of boys!!!

    PPS – Are they SERIOUSLY old enough to have near-teenage kiddos? haha They sure don’t look it!

  2. I’ve loved looking at the sessions you’ve been posting lately!! This set is particularly amazing to me. I’m a sucker for your beach shots. The mom & dad look like teenagers in the awesomely blurred shot. Such beautiful captures.

  3. We have four boys and you are so right about not being popular with the camera :) I have to say mine have all finally realized the sooner I’m happy the sooner we get ice cream and to go home :)

  4. oh tara! it’s sessions like this one that makes me want my Stevie-girl to get a little older {she’s 2}…and we pack up in a camper and head over for you to photograph our little family of 3. amazing work. this NC mom is lovin’ this session big time!

  5. I love how you talk about making the boys feel comfortable. I have 4 boys of my own and know they wouldn’t be happy with the whole “smile” think for even a minute! But it looks like you were able to capture them just as they are! Boy energy, indeed!

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