Trophy Club, TX – good morning, lovely

Drove up to their home during a neighborhood garage sale on a cool sunny morning at 9am. We talked for a few minutes at the beginning, and then off they went on their normal Saturday morning. I was just lucky to be there, and lucky to have them as clients, lucky that they wanted what I am yearning to give.

It takes a lot of energy to connect to complete strangers in the limited amount of time we are together, but I am also filled up with what they give back to me. Most probably have no idea what they have given me, how when our time is over I feel alternately depleted and like I could take on the world.

I love so many forms of photography, so many types of sessions … really I love getting to know people while I photograph them. I can give anyone and any type of family a beautiful portrait of themselves – I have met enough and photographed enough to have the confidence in that. But … here is where my drive to create lies.

In the simple moments and routines of life, watching as it unfolds and being truly in the moment with the client, connecting with them by  s e e i n g  them, so that I know what to bring my camera up to my face for. So that I know what means something to them.

This is my “thing”. This is what I need to keep doing. This is what I will keep trying to convince other people that they need.

This is Crystal and her family.

PS : As I was writing this I got an email from her telling me that she had blogged the session. Here is her post if you’d like to read.


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  1. I often check your blog but rarely comment. Love this session and Crystal’s post too. Your work is so inspiring! I would like to have time to take some pics today instead of going to work;-))

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