listen \ (new!)edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

Come dance with me
over murder and pain
over heartache and shame
I wanna set you free.
I want the whole damn world
come dance with me. (CONTENT SIGH)

If you know me at all or follow me online in any of the places you can do such a thing, you know of my extreme love for this band. I posted here when I first discovered them, and the love affair has not cooled off in any way, shape, or form. Total spazz would drop everything if they asked me to join their band fangirl.

There’s a restaurant near me with this one certain dish. It is: pot roast served on top of garlic mashed potatoes on top of an open faced toasted garlic french roll. Um, yes please. Garlic bread and mashed potatoes are my favorite food combination. Which is TOTALLY healthy. Anyway, I loooooved this and I called it “Tara On A Plate” during our brief love affair wherein I ate it too many times too frequently and then felt sick one time after and now can never eat it again.

Edward Sharpe is Tara On A Plate. Only, I  s a v o r  them.

When Jade starts belting at about 0:55 I just want to get up and jump around the room and pound on a piano and shake my people and sing this to them.

I was feeling such a mess I thought you’d leave me behind
I was feeling so upset I thought the sun never shine
Then I find
We’ve been best friends forever darlin’
No matter what
You’ve got my love to lean on darlin
That’s What’s Up
(That’s What’s Up is an adorable phrase and I have now absorbed it into my own vocabulary)

Before this album came out, I listened to their NPR concert obsessively.

I now listen to this obsessively, and the family rolls their eyes lovingly in my direction (I just know it’s lovingly) every time I put this on in the car. I am a little biased, since I love them with all of my heart but they can do no wrong.

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Come dance with me!

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  1. I remember when you introduced them to us – and I sent their link to my lovely daughters & honey & we all fell in love. Can’t wait to send this latest music sparkle along to them again! That’s what’s up Tara! xo

  2. They had a song about a year ago called “Home,” I think. My best friend had just lost her sister, and that song gave her a lot of moments of joy and comfort. They seem to be quite original and heartfelt group.

    Much like your work, Tara. :)

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