San Francisco in July

(I have realized I am crazy to throw this together so fast, so have postponed to July.)

This is kind of last minute, but I am spreading the word about a possible trip to San Francisco in June. If you were on my interest list, I already sent you an email.

Email me at tara at tara whitney dot com for details.

Hope I get to see you there,




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  1. We were there a couple of weeks ago all the way from Australia. I remember your blog posts about your family visit a while ago and looked at them before we went. It’s such a fab city. We loved it! Only wish we were there when you are going to be now. Would’ve loved some of your family shots….have a great time!

  2. Oh!!!! I would give anything to have you take our photos…. I just wish it was in the $$$ cards right now. We live 30 min. away & are celebrating our anniversary tradition that month. We got Married in Golden Gate Park… we venture every year to the same spot for a picnic with our kids ;o) I hope you have an amazing trip!!!

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