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I heard Tame Impala first on For Me, For You and bought it right away. It just feels like hot summer weekends sitting on the patio with an iced tea to me. And I like that, a lot.

This song in particular stood out right away because of the title: Solitude is Bliss.

I relate to that. Completely. Solitude IS bliss. I’ve been listening to this one the most.

Space around me where my soul can breathe
I’ve got body that my mind can leave
Nothing else matters, I don’t care what I miss
Company’s okay
Solitude is bliss

I loved how they visualized the lyrics. Going from stressed in a crowd to carefree once he is back on his own.

I don’t like crowds, so I laughed at the happy dance moves – I definitely feel that way after I get freed from a big crowd, like after a concert or in traffic. Happy dance kick.

Here’s another:


Tame Impala website

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