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  1. Hey Tara, I hope 2012 is a FANTASTIC year for you. I still feel so blessed that we had the mind blowing opportunity to have you take our family pictures last year….I am hoping in a few years you can do it again! Good luck this year, and thank you for all your inspiration, you truly are amazing!

  2. well don’t you know that *is* me :) we will definitely be giving you a ring sometime in the late summer/early spring for our yearly session. can’t believe it’s going to be Edie’s 1 year shoot and the first time we met you it was the twins’ 1 year. time certainly goes quickly!

  3. While I wish you all the peace and comfort this year (you deserve) I dont see myself having the photo shoot in sunny CA happening anytime soon, I certainly look forward to hopefully having that opp some day soon, in the future. Life is full, as I am sure you know. I am raising a house full of hippies, 13. 16 and 20, who remind me everyday what is important. It is my dream and desire to take a CA vacation one day soon. My 20 yr old thinks life revolves around weed, my soon to be 16 yr old is a strict vegetatian with OCD :) my 13 yr old possibly has aspergers, but w/o a learning disability or a dicsipline problem, getting her diagnosed has been a nightmare. Yet, I see myself in each of them everyday and find it hard to judge them :). Life is hard everyday, being a single Mom of 3 children with issues and a conscience proves to be a challange. I dont subscribe to the theory that a child should be ” seen and not heard” They Teach me everyday!!!! I sometimes feel the need to step back and remember what is important, what is my contribution. i dont respond to this specific post, but to all, in a sense. with all my challanges and roadblocks. I am the teacher and the student :). My life is a challange, but, I welcome it , and cherish it everyday!!

  4. I’m a 61 year old grandma, who has always enjoyed your photos and
    posts. I don’t think you realize how real, raw and beautiful
    you truly are. I understand you and family come first. Kudos on
    that. I am not about to delete you from my notebook. Look forward to you sharing again, sometime down the road. Best wishes!

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