weird to ask

This is my good friend Michel, and the love of his life Christa. They were driving me to a spot they found that had a view of Los Angeles – to help us live out my vision for their engagement shoot. As we drove through this tunnel I saw the way the light was going OFF at just the right angle, and I asked, “So. Are we down for doing something in the tunnel?” And I found out that Michel had wanted to shoot in the tunnel, but thought it might be weird to ask, and I had wanted to shoot in the tunnel, but thought it might be weird to ask. (I almost didn’t ask.)

Guess I just learned (again) – IF YOU ARE REALLY FEELING IT, whatever it is, IT IS NEVER WEIRD TO ASK.




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  1. Oh Tara, these are beautiful, made me cry, my little boy is getting married!!! Christa is and always has been the girl of our dreams, what a perfect couple!! Can’t wait to see the rest of this awesome shoot!! Thanks for all of your beautiful work and the love and passion that is so obvious in it!

  2. Ok, I don’t EVER (ever, ever) comment, even though I’ve been a follower for years- but I feel compelled- that first photo is AMAZING!!! Best I’ve seen of all the sites I follow, and I felt driven to say something. AWESOMENESS!!! You should feel fantastic about capturing this moment!

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