favorite youtube video ever.

I know those are big words. But oh my god.
Found via Gail, thanks Gail!

“Watch Jason Schwartzman Buy a Record Collection for His Baby.
Six weeks before the birth of his daughter, Marlowe Rivers Schwartzman, Jason started a record collection for her nursery and filmed the shopping trip.”

I love what he says about music in the house and mood. (About 6:30) He put a desire I have into words, that I never really spoke about or thought about before. But as he was saying that I was nodding my head.

And now I know why the record player means so much to me. It brings a certain mood, vibe, feeling, whatever – that an iPod dock just doesn’t.

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  1. Aww that was fantastic! What a totally cool Dad Jason makes. I even did a little jump up from my chair and clap routine at Leonard Cohen. Every good house should have some. Thanks for sharing this x

  2. We played The Beatles for our daughter when she was in my womb. At 2 years of age her favorite song was Golden Slumbers. She is now 15 years old, can tell you the name of every Beatles song and is constantly wearing Beatles t-shirts. This automatically makes her the coolest kid I know.

  3. wow.. sometimes I forget just how much music has meant to me though out my life.. how at one point it was my life… really.. and how even though my awesome husband bought me a record player I rarely even use it anymore.. I get so caught up in the day to day stuff.. thanks for the reminder of just how important it is.. and I need to get back in touch with that.. I hope all those old albums in my garage are still useable…

  4. always enjoy your entries — this one for the music selections and his thoughts. makes me want to find my ‘free to be you and me’ marlo thomas album.

    as a side- i finished uploading my four of us x 12 inspired by your fabulous project although did not accomplish every month- love that i’m in some family pics. thank you for this!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I am always amazed at the difference music can make on the mood of our house. When my kids are having a bad day, we crank up Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and it’s impossible for them to stay grouchy.

  6. Ha! This is awesome, Tara. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. This guy has such a charismatic vibe to him. He had me smiling throughout the entire video. Music is rooted strongly in the heart of our home. I relate completely.

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