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Josh and Jenny road tripped from Kansas City to Southern California earlier this year. I felt like looking at some happy, sunny, summery photos this morning, although the temperature at our session was quite cold. And super windy. We were not prepared or thrilled that the beach was too cold for the kids, but we rallied and made do with downtown Seal Beach and ice cream cones.

To see another version of the chalkboard photo, click here.



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  1. I enjoyed looking at your favorites for once. These images bring back so many wonderful memories. The whole Route 66 trip comes flooding back. What an awesome time for you to capture our family, and here today it’s gloomy, rainy, blah, so seeing our family in the sun through your eyes makes me happy.

    Thanks for being so rad!!!!

  2. Oh hey! It’s you guys :) What a nice surprise. Fantastic images was worth braving the non Summery day. I’m so glad you did this as part of your trip – it’s just not a proper Californian vacation without a Tara session included, right? xx

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