surf camp

We spent all of last week in Huntington Beach, where the little boys were participating in daily surf lessons. The girls sat on the beach reading, making sand castles, and napping. It was a healing week that we all needed. The ocean has magical powers.

I didn’t take my big camera to the beach, but I always have my phone with me. The ShakeItPhoto app is a favorite.

More on the subject of healing and truth, soon. Thank you for the love and the support.

I was unable to really be online through-out the week, so if you are waiting on an email or call from me it is coming this week.

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  1. I check your blog every once in awhile and just wanted you to know how emotionally moving your blog was….nothing to say that will make things better I know…but you sound so clear in your convictions and beliefs that I’m sure you will find a way for your family to live that will be harmonious (of course to a point….it’s still family) for all family members. God Bless! Lorie from Sonoma County California

  2. We were in Huntington Beach the week before and didn’t realize (until we got there) it was the US Open of Surfing. It was such a pretty day though considering summer this year has been a bit chilly. I had to go shopping the first few days in Santa Monica for jeans and sweaters! You’re so right though, the ocean is magical and I always hate leaving to head back to the landlocked midwest!

  3. Love, love, love these photos and the fun you are having looks real and awesome, I wish more days like this for you & your family :)

    Sometimes just sharing the painful thoughts, decisions and emotions like what you’ve been going through helps work it out in your mind, you’ve touched many of us with your thoughts and your heart… please let your heart continue to speak through your words and don’t let anyone or anything keep you from sharing your truths if you want to.

    Much love.

  4. YAY!! I’m glad you got a week away. And that it was healing and refreshing. Nothing feels better than healing and refreshing and refocusing and coming back to center. If only it was easier to be in that place at home! Fun pics. :)

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