his and hers

Marin, CA : Beautiful and lively and referred to me by this beautiful momma’s twin sister. If she looks familiar, it is because she is! I felt right at home in the big family chaos, and wanted to hang out in their amazing and impeccable “tree house” for a month. Would that be okay guys? :)

The weather barely cooperated and it was very dark (aside from a few moments towards the end). But the first grainy set of images that I took in their almost dark bedroom, lit only by lamps and minuscule amounts of window light, are my favorites.

The set of three where Aimee and Peter are canoodling made me cry and my glasses fogged up while shooting. They were the last three shots we took.

So much love here, not to mention a PLETHORA of good genes.



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  1. first off you are such a huge inspiration to me. like you haven’t heard that before…and I was scrolling through the images and I swear to gawd I thought that was Nate Berkus(from Oprah) and I was all “dude, he’s not gay?? and has a family!!” Then it came to the close ups and I realized I was kinda wrong;-) Tell me he doesn’t look like Nate B in that family shot with the boys in ties in between the trees!!

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