when something new just clicks

Met the Skinner family while in San Francisco at Chrissy Field. Fell in love, head over heels, for all of them. Like, really. Like, really really.

I have met many children in my life, and I can tell you – this little lady here? She is probably going to be in charge of the whole entire world someday. Her spirit just overflowed – sparkled! Even at the tender age of two, you just wanted to be around her. She had me from hello. Not to leave the boys in the dust – they were wonderful – and sweet – and kind – and gentle hearted – and funny. But she absolutely captivated me. I could photograph her every single day. I wish I could!

This next shot is the something new that happened to me. As I was photographing her on the picnic table, I saw something new¬† – something I haven’t paid attention to before. I saw the photo before I pressed the shutter, before it went into focus. And I gasped. My heart swelled. My throat closed up, tears were imminent. That happens sometimes, and it happened over and over with them. I felt like I saw what was in between us – what was really her. This out of focus, dreamy, water-color like photo energized me and excited me. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to play with this new idea right away.

And so, when I saw my next chance, I took it. And my heart sang once again. They looked painted into the scene! They looked magic. I am still not sure what it is about these ethereal out of focus photos that gets me right in the gut – but it is for the simple fact that they do – that I am taking notice. I have stumbled on something new that just clicked, and I am so grateful for it.

And then the sun set in a beautiful demonstration of pinks and purples, and it was time to say goodbye.



P.S. Isn’t Mom just absolutely radiant in every photo? Pure love.

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  1. Your crazy talented! Im in awe of your work…everyday. Do you look at these photos and just say, “Im the shizzle!”???…you better! Seriously. Amazing.

  2. sigh…being in Illinois the feeling this session gives me right now just melts my heart! I am soooo looking forward to those magical spring dusks! Even more excited to see my photog IDOL see something I’ve seen at almost all of my shoots, but been too nervous to post. LOVE the out of focus ~ its pretty cool ;)

  3. Each time I return to your blog, I remember why I love your work so much – it is so REAL and entirely lovely. You are unlike others in our field and I love that you take the risks necessary to come up with shots that are entirely out of the box. Kuddos on this session – one of my favorites!

  4. these are so absolutely awesome Tara. so much love here. and the shot at the picnic table . . . the one that was so exciting. i have to tell you, i got a bit of an energy rush from that. hope that doesn’t sound weird, but I still do. every time i look at it. i reaallly think you’re on to something and hope to see more. love how you take risks – i visit your blog very often and so appreciate how you see.

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