Out of all the years in my life that I want to remember, 2009 will be among the top five that I carry around with me until I die.

Kids: Created by us
Memories: Recorded by me between 1.01.09 – 12.31.09
Music: Ghostwriter RJD2

Love: Out there for the taking.

Jason Bustin played by himself.



(edited 1.5.10 : Thank you very much to everyone. I have enjoyed this alone, and with members of my family, more times than I can count. Jeff has asked me to do slideshows for all the years I have digital photos. How great would that be if I could accomplish it?

For everyone who asked about how I put this together, it was a very simple process of going through a year of photos and copying favorites into a new folder. Then, I went through them again and whittled down to just about 150 (I think?). Then I resized them, and dragged them all into iMovie. Spent about thirty minutes getting the timing right and finding a song. Exported to Vimeo. That was that. Took me about two hours to complete.)

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  1. I think all of your kids are adorable but I can tell that little Anna is your G-L-U-E!!!!!!!!! She is so freakin ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her personality screams out of her eyes in every picture I see of her…even when she is solemn!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  2. May 2010 be another such year for you and the family!
    beautiful video! it inspired me to go on my muvee program and make one of my own!
    love and hugs!
    tara pollard pakosta

  3. your heart…it spills out and over into everything you do. inspire does not suffice for how i feel when i get the chance to peek into your world…how i long to DO life beautifully like you do. your babies radiate the love that has been spilled into every corner of the life you make for them. i love who you are and how intentional you are about living. thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay so I’m sitting here crying after watching that video. Seriously Tara you know how to grab the person, pull them in and wrap them up in your world, all while touching their soul. Simply amazing. xoxo

  5. well, what can top that? you have inspired me to take more photos of my fam. in 2010. this year was chaos for me, what i think 08′ was for you. im hope to follow your lead for the next 12 months. happy new year. xxoo

  6. You are amazing. And your family . . . . just beautiful! I’m wishing you 10X the happiness and success for this year that you had in 2009. THANK YOU for posting your beautiful captures and inspiring me! Happy New Year!

  7. Shame on me for not commenting more often. Your blog inspires me so much. Just the simple beauty of life that you portray with honesty in your photos and words. Love. and Thanks.

  8. if i one day just show up with a small suitcase wanting to move in…it is totally your fault, your family life looks amazing in the most simple and down to earth way.

    excited to follow your work into 2010!

  9. Wonderful. I loved it all! The colors, the food, the places, the relationships, the smiles, the whirlwind activity of a family of SIX and the down time, too. What a great way to remember 2009. As always, I am inspired.

  10. Tara–that video is AMAZING!! What a wonderful way to remember the year! I love everything from the music to the way the photos move in & out. You did a truly marvelous job creating that! Would you mind posting how you created the video? Gives me the desire to keep my camera out and around more often this coming year and to do the same for the next year!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. WOW Tara girl… this is well just breathtaking.. I love the ways you capture your family.. I need to get better at capturing mine each image is like a work of art.. really.. captured with so much love.. Thank you for Sharing these.

    Hope 2010 brings you much love and happiness

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