ryan + amy = crosby.


This is the follow up post to this one, where Ryan and Amy were oh so fabulously celebrating their perfect baby belly. This one was all about celebrating their perfect baby during a newborn photo shoot. When couples choose to purchase my “Bun in (and out of) the Oven” package, I get reeeeeally happy. To get the privilege and the pleasure in joining them during part of the most amazing experience of their lives is absolutely one of the most important things I do.

I get to meet them while pregnant, expecting, some not so sure what is to come, but full of excitement and surprise and love and hope. And then to follow up just a few weeks later to see their entire lives changed for the better … forever. To see with my own eyes the love they never imagined possible just pouring from them into each other…I don’t know what else to say except I love every second.


Thank you Ryan, Amy, and Crosby for allowing me to peek into your love.




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  1. how is it that you make so many of us so happy! thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us! it seriously brings me so much joy!! Congrats to this beautiful couple too, that have got one gorgeous babe! YOU ROCK TARA! always gorgeous images.

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