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  1. awesome as always. confession – I always try to channel my inner tara whitney when I’m out shooting photos – but I can never pull it off. Did you have to raise that bar so high???

    Also – I *need* to know where the this is how I roll t-shirt came from. It’d fit the ‘for my 13 year old’ ticket

  2. It is like having a trained monkey helping you take photos. I found this great courtyard in Monrovia and thought of you. One building is bright yellow with turquoise shutters. There is lots of brick and a wee porch with flaky green and white paint. One wall has a WWII Bomber, 3-D style coming out of the wall. You have to see it. I think you would love it!

  3. oh, i just love it when you post pics of your family! it has been such a joy watching them grow and change over the past several years…these are FANTASTIC, and i especially love the last one. So much LOVE there!!!

    (and i know what you mean about having jeff behind you. sometimes the only way i can get my son to give me a natural smile is for my husband to stand behind me and moon him!) ; )

  4. Your family is just gorgeous, Tara… and it looks so warm there… I so jealous… we are mid winter here (ok, so technically we are two days into winter – but it feels like it’s been cold FOREVER!!)

    Your photos are phenomenal!

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