summertime, and the livin’s easy…


mckenna didnt quite have the motor skills to figure out how to throw her body head first on her stomach down a slippery piece of finite plastic that caused “plastic burn” on the stomachs and shins of her siblings.

or maybe she did and thought everyone else was crazy.

knowing mckenna, i can see either being true.


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  1. kenna is one smart cookie–those burns HURT. The gorgeous sun-kissed portraits of your kiddos scream summer. And–Miss Anna’s new toothless grin is simply the cutest. By the look of her gums it looks brand stinkin’ new. Sure hope the tooth fairy paid generously for that gem.

  2. OH MAN! I just bought my daughter the dual slider with inflatable boogie board slip N slide for her b-day! can’t WAIT!

    and i have to tell you… i LOVE the Angel Kisses on all of your kids noses!!! my FAV part of summer! More show up every year!

  3. SO much fun! i love all their freckles on the 3 older ones. :) we have the same slip-n-slide and I will have to post some shots I have from weeks ago when the SUN was out. Geez – where’s the sun now? :) you are so blessed to have those 4 kiddos.

  4. mckenna is a smarty…slip-n-slides HURT! ;) i adore your cute little family…and all those cute freckles (or angel kisses as my grandmother called them) they have!

  5. these are great tara! i love the ‘action’ as well as the the freckles! as you know we are a ‘freckly family’ too!! :) really love the slipnslide one of nate, for a brief second..i considered doing THAT!! haha! your comments about mckenna are too cute too! she looks so cautious..luv it!

  6. how in the world is the OC that sunny and here at the foothills it is rainy? I wish we were doing the same thing here, but the kids have been bundled up in warm clothes.

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