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How Michel and I got connected to this family is a little like six degrees of separation.

Emily (the brown haired daughter) was at her cousin Maren’s house a few months ago. I have photographed Maren and her children. I have gone to Thailand with Maren. Maren happened to show Emily her slideshow. Emily freaked out because she is also friends with Alexis, and has been to Alexis’ home and seen the photos I have taken of her family. When Emily asked who did them, Alexis said something like, “Oh, my friend Tara!” (great job on the referral there Lex!) ;) So it wasn’t until Maren’s house, while looking at my blog that she put two and two together. Alexis’ friend was ME.

And then she emailed me with a plan. And she was so excited and sweet and adorable that I fell in love with her immediately. She wanted to gather her siblings plus their children, use a special song from her childhood, and create a surprise movie for their parents. Her parents used to put this song to their home movies as children!

Michel and I were so in.

At the last minute, her parents found out and crashed the party. I normally don’t like to shoot large family groups like this because it becomes a different type of animal session than the ones I enjoy. But the moment I met up with all of them I knew it was going to be okay. Better than okay. It was going to be amazing.

Watch for yourself. :)

They are just as beautiful on the inside as what you see on the surface. Stunning people, through and through. A family of six that has grown over the years with grandchildren. It is kind of special to see a family similar to my own…just many years down the road. I can only hope our connection will be as close and real as the Camerons.

Music: Secret of Life by James Taylor

(if you are new to my blog and have not seen the other home movies we have filmed, please take a look here and here!)

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  1. Well….that’s my big brother and his family…James Taylor has been such a big part of our life as a family and you captured the West Coast Camerons wonderfully! My wife and I live on the other coast, New Hampshire coast..sure do miss those guys….thanks for sharing!

  2. Are the parents the man in the glasses and the gal in the pink shirt? No way! I kept trying to find the parents, they look incredible and just like one of their kids. The whole family is gorgeous and what a beautiful video and images, as always.

  3. Love the video!!! Looking forward to your pix of them. Iconic california family. And by the way…I have advertised you more than, Oh, that’s my friend Tara. :)

  4. I forgot to say my favorite part: I love when the little girl is hugging her brother and they have balloons and then she drops the balloon and it goes through her legs. Classic. Loved that. And the little boy with the seagulls. Wonderful job, Michel and T.

  5. This was beautiful. Thanks so much for letting us share. I had never heard that song before and it completely resonates… I’m in tears, of course, but happy ones.

  6. Oh Tara! This is amazing! You have such a gift for capturing the emotion and love of a family!! I was moved by the video and in tears by the end! I can’t wait to have you film and shoot our family again!

  7. Wow, I must have missed this when you posted it – it’s obvious you do great work. But what hits me as amazing is that you and Michael connected – what an extroidinary combination. You are constantly “raising” your own bar! :))))

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