changes that ROCK!

over the past month i have been working feverishly behind the curtain to make some changes and updates to our business.  i cant really call it MY business anymore, because jeff is so much a part of the back end of things that its really his too. he is so good at all of the things i am not good at. like bookkeeping and finances and all of that stuff that isnt fun or pretty. i get the fun and pretty stuff (shooting, editing, brand design, blogging) and he does the business side. we are a good pair.

i cant hold it in any longer! the thing i am most excited about unveiling is … (this is screencapped from my site)


a totally new tara whitney “experience”. isnt it awesome??? you couldnt wipe the smile off my face right now even if you smacked me. i am that excited about this.  i had such a GOOD time with jay reilly and michel (pronounced micheal). i absolutely TREASURE the movie he created of my family. TREASURE. its priceless. amazing. moving. makes me cry every time i watch it. everyone that has seen it has been bowled over with the coolness. to be able to collaborate with michel and offer the same experience to my clients makes me want to jump up and down on my bed! i cant wait to start creating these with him, and you.

another change this year is in the form of some of my offerings. i am now offering wall galleries with my largest package. i have designed five different layouts guaranteed to have stunning impact on the walls in your home. you can choose from a standard gallery (where everything is printed and mounted on styrene) or you can upgrade to a deluxe gallery and have your images printed on canvas. after getting so much positive feedback for my own family photo wall, linked here, i knew it was something people desperately wanted, but couldnt always do on their own. i also think that my work really shines when shown this way-all of the little pieces of the session together on one wall tells a story and makes an impact.

so, you can go ahead and check out for the updates and changes. and for anyone that is currently on my waiting list or for anyone that has been waiting for me to re-open my calendar for bookings just shoot me an email and we will get things rolling! (wait listers, i will be emailing you) :)

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  1. You totally blow me away. As a business owner who does the unglamorous bookkeeping, finance side of our business, I live through women like you who get to do the fun parts! What a wonderful product to offer – sometime when you are in St. Paul I may have to hire you. And no wonder you haven’t been blogging, you have been too darn busy expanding your business offerings! Best of luck

  2. How cool are you!! I didn’t think a tara experience could get any better. Rock Star Home Movies–SO COOL!! — I laughed out loud when I read the comment about smacking the smile off your face. I am so excited for you. Congrats!!

  3. That’s awesome! I adore the video that Michel & Jay shot of your family over the summer…plus it uses my favorite song (Jack Johnson’s Better Together). Love love love it! You are amazing Tara! Keep on rockin’! :)

  4. So fun TW! Always exciting to do new things!! I’ve seen the photo wall in person… and I know it ROCKS!! Where do you do your mounted & canvas printed work? MPIX online… You told me a while back about a local place ( since I’m in the OC) but I’ve since forgotten- just curious?? Now I just need to get to an actual computer to check out the new stuff on your site… Love how you are always raising the bar:0)

  5. Oh my stinkin’ goodness!!! First of all, how can Anna be SIX? I remember meeting you for the first time in Arizona and you were pregnant with that little cutie patootie! Wow, time flies, and lives change!

    Second of all, that MOVIE makes me not only want one – but makes me want to be in YOUR family! What an incredible gift that is to all of you to have such a tribute to your spirit and being as a group. I am blown away.

    Now, if I only had a spare 3400.00 lying around LOL! :)

  6. This is awesome, and amazing, and really there just are not words for it. I wish that A. i was closer to you or going to be near the area any time soon, and B. had the money to pay to have this done…. it would be fantastic. Congrats on the collaboration! maybe one day i will be able to get out there and make it happen.

  7. Hey Tara……a few questions about your photography packages……..just the shoot is $525 and then the packages/collections start at $1,200, right? I didn’t see any description of a package/collection in regard to a “photo wall” similar to yours……? (that’s my question) Also, when you know when you are coming up to the San Fran area, could you let me know? We are from So. Cal and relocated up here 9 yrs ago…..haven’t made up my mind yet where I want to do the shoot…..FYI – US = me, my cute husband and our 2 (maybe 3) adorable and well behaved dogs.

    One more question, should we do a shoot with you and get the package to do the photo wall, would it be possible to digitally send you a wedding picture to be blown up to be included on the wall…….we were married on a beach at sunset, very simple but beautiful.

    Thanks for your time…..absolutely love your work!


  8. Tara this sounds so exciting and what an awesome package to offer to your clients – the only thing is that us aussie’s are missing out on all the fun. Can’t you and em work something out that you both head down here to share your talent amongst us whom drool over your blogs daily, not to mention your photography skills. Come on……you have to think about it. hugs.

  9. Ugh. I want this so bad. I’ve been using that video as “inspiration” – sending it to local wedding videographers to see if I can’t get a non-cheesy wedding video. I’ve talked to dozens, and only one is willing to work with me to get a similar style for a wedding video. If only you were in Boston, if only you did weddings, if only, if only, if only….

  10. tara, i love the updates that you made. i mean, i thought your website and blog were great before, but this is fantastic. the perfect balance between fun, playful, and refined and modern.

  11. must. have. home. movie. session. must. have. home. movie. session. must. have. home. movie. session. <—saying this out loud while i swing a pendulum in front of my husband’s face. his eyes ARE getting heavy. he DOES look sleepy. we’re half way there!!

  12. this is so cool.
    what a dream it would be to be able to have you photograph and then a movie made too and then a gallery wall in my home of the those memories! a DREAM!
    we don’t video anything but have thousands of photos. so after we vacationed with friends they sent us a video of all of us on the beach. the second it started i just started to cry. It was so much better. it’s photos but with sound! you could hear the water, wind and birds and my families sweet voices. it was awesome. and that was just a regular home video….these that you are working on will be so much more awesome!
    i think it’s fabulous.
    and i think you are fabulous.
    love the new clean look. truly love it.

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