and they aren’t even married yet.

so shane (my brother) and rachel (his girlfriend, may as well be my sister) were over for their weekly date at our house saturday night. we like to par-TAY, the way us old married folk know how to do it! you know, by watching tv and eating take-out in bed after the kids fall asleep. throw in some ice cream eaten straight from the quart and YOU WILL FORGET THAT YOU ARENT OUT AT A CLUB.

(by the way, they just revamped rachels blog and i love the new look!)

their new apartment doesn’t have a laundry hook up, so they frequently do it over here.

they were folding clothes together, when shane abruptly stopped. he was apparently finished, but there was still a pretty good pile going on.

me: “um…baby brother…your lady is still folding. get busy.”

rachel: “he can only fold PANTS.”

i roll my eyes and look at him.

shane: “well, i cant fold the rest to her specifications.”

shane: “i dont know origami.

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  1. ha… i don’t even let my husband wash my clothes. He just throws everything in and doesn’t sort it. he has gotten better over the years, but folding laundry is something even i don’t do.

  2. Good times! :-) Saturdays are the best time ever I look forward to them every week.

    And I think we should open up a laundry folding class for our male counterparts because I found his shirts folded all wrong on top of his dresser drawers because he couldn’t fit them into his drawer folded HIS way!

  3. i had spent sat morning packing client orders into boxes, thank you notes etc.. drove an hour or so. did the next shoot.. drove back, dropped off a clients order.. and then.. picked up chinese takeaway so Andrew and I could watch Top Gear and curl up whilst eating chinese. (all 3 treat!) Hour 12 of my day.. then it was off to edit or 6 more.. sigh. and .. all I could think as I slumped down the hallway was.. oh boy.. 10 years ago.. I would barely have even hit a club by now and the good ones aren’t even open yet. What a difference domestic bliss makes. :)

  4. Y’all are hysterical!!!! I just had a revelation….It was all the dancing we did that kept us in shape so we could eat and drink whatever we wanted. Now we just eat and drink whatever we want and gain a bunch of weight. We need to dance more…even if we’re “fluffy”!!! ha.ha.

  5. There’s some strange black magic going on whilst folding them shirts. Much like the coven that you people call a salon.

    We’ll have to talk about my royalties for posting a quote of mine later, sis.

  6. Bwahahahahaha!!!!

    My honey will do the washing and drying of laundry, but he has no clue how to fold appropriately so that’s my domain only. He’s not allowed to do laundry unless I’m around to fold correctly and hang it before it wrinkles. :D He could really identify with your brother I’m sure. :P

  7. Yea, this one is a classic. My husband does laundry quite a bit and is an expert folder actually. His trick is that in order to not “mess up my clothes accidentally” he only pulls HIS clothes out of the hamper to wash! Wait until your brother pulls that one on her. I think my hubby “accidentally” ruined a few of my clothes in order to make me think he was incapable of washing a woman’s garment without inflicting harm. I actually bought it for a while and was afraid to let him touch my clothes. Then I figured out that men do this thing…this thing where they feign an ability to peform a task in order to ESCAPE doing it! Don’t be fooled Rachel. If he claims he can’t do something, I’d be more than willing to bet he’s playin’ possum with the ole “I’m a boy and can’t do domestic tasks like you women can.” Don’t fall for it! My hubby can actually cook, let me know one time he was a cross stitcher and ain’t too bad with taking care of, wait for it…CHILDREN! Go figure.

  8. Ok Shane…you knew you’d be hearing from your Mom on this one….

    Rachel, don’t give up on him.He probably gets it from me,I HATE to fold laundry. But remember, you were the one to get him wearing flip flops when I thought his feet would never see the light of day.You can sweet talk him into anything (just don’t let him give you that sheepish grin of his.)

    Maybe we need some Brownie points involved??

  9. hilarious
    Brad and i had a real night out last Friday – first one in about 18 months – and I felt poisoned until Sunday around 3ish. All I did was drink until i was happy too. You would have thought I was sloshed. SUCKS getting old.

  10. Love that origami quote!! However, I don’t let anything stop my husband from helping out with the domestic arts… the trick in our house is to have the most underwear! I win, so he usually runs out before me & then starts a load of wash. He washes, dries & folds—I don’t care how the stuff is folded—as long as I don’t have to do it! Granted we usually fold our own, just to keep one another happy. Same for when “training” the kids—we’re a very “do-it-yourself” family, & now that the girls have mostly moved out (still one at home during college breaks) they’re very laundry savvy. I did have to teach everyone to HANG DRY my things tho, and it’s still a bit of a difficult issue (the hazards of being tall & loving cotton clothes… why do things have to shrink?!)

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