love in a ’46 ford woody

img_2516.jpgimg_2521.jpgimg_2530.jpgimg_2533.jpgimg_2528-copy.jpga couple of weeks ago i had a session in huntington beach, and it just so happened that my parents were there with their old classic woody on the pier for a car show. my clients lucked out, because they got some photos in the woody (to come soon) and i lucked out because i have wanted to do this with them for years and years. tony started building this car when i was in jr. high. he bought it when it was just a shell of an automobile-a pile of junk metal. over the next ten plus years you would normally find him tinkering in the garage during his free time. my mom called herself a woody widow. once he got it fixed up he started going to car shows all over so-cal, and has won quite a few prizes. it is a beautiful car, really a legacy in our family. i love it. and i love them.

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  1. Oh Tara! Your parents are super cute!! I guess it wasn’t so bad being that woody widow-looks who’s smiling now ;)

    So sweet…I totally see Anna in your mom, maybe its the sweet smile. How fun!

  2. No fair. My parents where not nearly this cool. We drove around in a Champagne Toyota Corolla! Good Times! Got any pictures of the outside of the car I wanna see that bad boy!
    By the way LOVE the new blog the hard work definitely paid off.

  3. i love love love the car. woodies have been my favorite car since high school (20 years ago, yikes) i too would like to see the whole car.
    these pictures of your parents my be my new favories. they are adorable.
    hope all is well

  4. I adore this series of shots…do you ever tire of hearing that from your fans. Such an incredible life in each and every one of these images…and of course, the woody…well words just do not describe…..

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