i know

i have been neglectful over here.
but you will be happy to know its because i have been working my HINEY off on my new blog!
i am really excited about it. larger photos, tara whitney branding, and lots of cool things ive wanted to do for awhile.

i am hoping hoping i can debut it tomorrow. but i may have to wait until friday. so friday at the latest!


23 replies on “i know”

  1. Tara,
    coming out of the shadows to say…I can’t wait to see your new blog! Your site is so much fun to visit. Love the photos of the kids. So much joy and pleasure on their faces. Love it.
    thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. Can’t wait to see the new blog!
    I have been waiting for a new post so I could get my tara fix… guess i will have to wait a bit longer. I am sure it will be well worth the wait. =)

  3. Tara this is so exciting. You are one inspiring woman. I want to be like you when I grow up :) Seriously you keep us on our toes with all your exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see the new blog!

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