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  1. That adorable Miss Anna! How does she come up with such amazing questions? Love how she thinks!—And I LOVE your new blog. Wow. Amazing how even more detail and emotion is portrayed thru the humongo photos. Loved the photos of your parents. Your mom glows like you do. Love that inner glow.

  2. Had to comment on this one be/c my mom is very allergic to cats and I had a conversation w/ my six year old a few nights ago that went like this…

    Her: “Mommy? Grammy isn’t going to die for a really long time right? Like when she’s really, really, really old?”

    Me: “Yeah”

    Her: “Well, when Grammy dies, and not that I want her to, but…could we get a cat?”

    Me: Burst of laughter!!

    Funny how they think! Love the new blog…as always LOVE your photos.

  3. i’m not allergic…but, my kids always thought i was until last year…my oldest is your age! just not a cat person! and every cat loves me…or they sense that i’m not into them…and they still want to go around my leg…just to show me who really is in control! i was one of em’s lucky teachers…twice! can’t wait to meet you. love what you do and share here! maybe in sept.!

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