family session in oceanside


this family belongs to martha abelson, a photographer in chicago. in southern california on vacation, they met up with me in oceanside for a few hours of beach fun.


love finding numbers and letters that correlate with the people im photographing…


martha learned the hard way here, never turn your back on the ocean. in fact, later that day, or possibly in an email she told me that she read a pamphlet on “ocean safety” in her hotel room that said specifically: NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN. we had a good laugh about that after her entire back-side got soaked.



the minute i saw this hair, i knew i had to get some shot of it, all by itself. i was SO HAPPY when i saw this running by, and that i actually got it before she passed.


grandma also came along to hop into a few shots-i love this one-i think grandma just got sold up the river here-the girls had just blabbed that “grandma curses!”


the twins. i wanted to do something “twinny”. at the very last second as we were about to leave, the idea to put them back to back popped into my head. and it was so funny-they immediately did the exact same thing when i asked “who is the tallest?”





i have been in a TOTAL blog slump, if you hadnt already noticed. i think all the work and time i spent on getting this blog up depleted me of future posts for awhile. that and maybe i am mourning the loss of my old blog a little bit too. which sounds crazy, i know. but i am a little bit crazy…you all should know this about me. crazy, crazy, crazy.

oh-i have a short and sweet interview up at yellow fence if you want to check that out.

i think thats all for now.

yes, pretty sure that is all.


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  1. tara, that is a fantastic series…I too like the number/people correlation! too cool. you capture a day of love and fun~

    I think your photos are always so beautiful. i definitely heart them :)

    PS hope you rejuvenate from the “blog move” and find lots of new inspiration!

  2. this is one of the best shoots i have seen I LOVE IT! those girls are just gorgeous!!! and amazing hair! great colors and fun fun shots!

  3. While I LOVE your work, blog, you… :P I must say THIS session, just made me smile, smile, and smile more with every one. NO babies, no little boys (I have 3)… and yet. Maybe it was all those smiles (and curls and everything else you captured). My Gosh you are so extremely talented.

  4. Hey Tara…I don’t know if you’ve talked about this previously, but have you made a blog book of your blog? is awesome! i LOVE having a published record of my blog for my kids to see. that might make you feel better about leaving your old blog.

    can’t wait to see you in June…I hope you can find a 6 for us, I LOVE numbers too…yay!

  5. Tara, love the new look of the blog. Hope you slump is over soon. So hope you travel to the midwest for photo sessions sometime!! ps Chicago would be awesome!!

  6. Tara, I just LOVE you. I love how you see the world and how you reflect it in your pictures. I love that you are, like me, a mother of 4 and that you GET IT. So thanks for JUST BEING. You are one very special human being and I’m so happy that I can “know” you through this very technical world in which we live. And if you are ever up our way, I’d love for you to photoograph us (Southern CT).

  7. I love the curly hair shot! It’s me! Those are some good ones of my sisters. I love love love the feet shot! It is so cool. Thank you for loving my hair, you can have it. It’s so annoying! Thank you for photographing us! It was really fun, and wow…. THANKS!!!

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