happy belly

i was so excited in february to get contacted by two pregnant women. the first was a mom that learned of me through my friend sheridan. sheridan is a doula here in orange county, and she also teaches hyno-babies classes.. Hypnobabies is the training of the inner mind so that contractions in labor are felt only as pressure and tightening sensations. There is no pain. (i have watched sheridan give birth without any medication. it was amazing.)

erin decided to hire me for a maternity and newborn session. cant wait to go back for little sam, who was born just a day after these pictures were taken.

she had a glorious bathroom-so we started in there.


then we got dressed and headed out and about in san clemente.


i couldnt take a bad photo of this sweet girl.






i kept thinking throughout our session how her little bellybutton looked like a nose…


so when we got back to her place, we whipped out the eye and lip pencils.
and that is why this post is titled: happy belly!

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  1. I was just thinking…where was I when you posted this??? Oh, in the hospital giving birth, hypnobabies style. LOL! I have been so looking forward to seeing these! They are so beautiful, as if I expected anything less. Love the bathtub one and the grass and yellow flowers…oh boy!

  2. Found your page through Clary Pfieffer (www.claryphoto.com)
    Holy beautiful pictures! I absolutely LOVE the one of her lying in the grass with the yellow flowers. I think something about that photo captures motherhood so completely. Sigh. I think I’m a new fan. :)

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