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jeffs sister: summer, our brother in law: jason, and our neices and nephew: kailey, sammy, and doug. summer turned thirty this year (shhhhh) and her present from me was a family shoot at the beach. i loved doing this for them-they have always been so supportive of me and have my images hung up all over their home. ive been able to do mini shoots of the kids at least once a year, but never have we gotten everyone together for a family session.

we love getting together with summer and jason because jason likes to fix things around our house and summer likes to cook for us. (we need to live on a compound together-i will be the family photographer/DJ, summer will cook, jason will fix and build things, and we will make jeff take care of all the kids and make all the money) but thats not the only reason we love them. (just a big one-summer is a really, really amazing cook) i love them most because i feel such a connection with them. and those kids. and we laugh a LOT when we are together.

so needless to say, this was a fun one.


summer is saying “is THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HAPPEN?!” and im laughing my ass off, my dry ass, and saying “YES!”









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  1. these are wonderful! your colors are always stunning. I particularly like the one with them leaning over you (i’m guessing you are on the ground shooting up?). nice.

    and I’m feeling all emotional from your previous post…you are just so awesome…I want to sprinkle flowers on you. :)

  2. OH wow, I love these!!!! I don’t always leave comments, but I’m visiting your blog daily (at least!) I adore this session you did for your family….. I don’t even know them, so I can’t imagine what they feel looking at them themselves. Wow, you are always blowing me away with your creative poses :)

  3. Oh, my gosh it’s us! Tara, I just have to tell you again how much I love, love, love these pictures! I cherish them as I do all the pics you have taken of us and the kids over the years! You have such an amazing, and unique talent and still I would trade it all away just to cook for you, swim at the pool, scream “big girls, you are beautiful” lyrics together in your car and beat our boys in cards together. I love you, the kids and my big brother too! Have fun in NY and call when you get back and I’ll come out and cook you something great!

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