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i am leaving for new york tomorrow. at like 4am. not. excited. about. that.
i have sessions thurs-sun, and jeff and i are heading out a few days early to tool around. we’ve never been and are looking forward to it.

unfortunately, this trip overlaps the kids first day of school. BUT i am not a bad mommy for leaving them because they are all going back to the same teachers and classrooms they had last year. both of the boys teachers moved up a grade and we requested them again. anna is in pre school with the same teacher, and mckenna is going to have the teacher she had when we first moved here. so its all familiar and not scary and new. AND my mom will be here to soften the blow. my mom and the rest of the village it takes to handle my kids for five days. the kids are very excited for my mom to come. but i think jeff is the most excited because it means the house will be super clean when he comes back without me on thursday. :)

i have stuff set up to post while i am gone.

clients-i will be available by email if you need me. NY clients, you have my cell phone number and hotel information to get in touch.


the loft is totally done. the new hardwood floors are in. we just have to get carpet put in the bedroom and we can start pulling furniture back into our house. our kitchen cabinets arent done yet-um-can you say ridiculous that our loft finished before the painter has finished painting our cabinets? ridiculous.

like i said, kids start school this week.

once i get home, september will be in full swing and ill be getting back into my own swing of things with the kids in school. unpacking my office and setting it all up in my new space makes my heart pitter patter. i cant wait to decorate my office, kennas new room, and the lounge room downstairs. i found mckenna an antique iron bed on craigslist for $150 and i bought a quilt at urban outfitters. i think i will enlarge a wiggles photo we have HUGE and maybe on canvas for her room. she would die. downstairs we are still thinking about. not sure what to do there. just lots of big comfy furniture is what i want.

now i must get off of this machine and get ready for my trip. bye!

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  1. There’s nothing quite like being able to (re)decorate a clean space. So awesome! Glad all the remodeling is going so well. :) Personally I can’t wait till we can afford a larger place so that I have a) more wall space to play with and b) the chance to play around more with the furniture.

    The September newsletter from Little Dreamer Designs had an awesome how-to for making a photo wall canvas with grunginess and quotes.

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