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  1. I hope you don’t mind me sharing my opinion…that photo makes me uncomfortable. I often have my kids around when I am on the computer and jumped when I saw this. I do love your blog, you are very talented.

  2. Nic said what I was going to say. That was one of the best maternity portraits I have ever seen. What a beautiful moment. I also love the mother and daughter pic. Just beautiful.

  3. z-feel like i need to expand for you, even though i dont know if you will ever read this. i am not upset that you chose to use a fake name, just that you felt like you had to. your opinion is valid, i am sure you aren’t the only one out there that feels the same way. and like i said-im sorry to have made you jump or feel uncomfortable.

    i, however, and the woman in the photo, didn’t feel there was anything that would be innapropriate to post here. for children or otherwise. in fact, we were both proud to show this photo, and thought it might inspire someone out there.

    i am me, and you are you-and thats okay with me. :)

    i hope not to have lost you as a blog reader because of our difference of opinion.

  4. Tara – while everyone here is loving this image (me included!) I wanted to tell you how beautifully you worded your “expansion”. It actually made me respect you even more – you for being you and embracing you and helping others embrace themselves and all of our differences. Thank you for opening up your eyes so that we, too, may open our own eyes and embrace the things we may not have done ourself – but at least we’ve been exposed to it and have learned from it. Wow -that was long, sorry! ;0)

  5. I agree with z. And I’m totally willing to use my real name and email.

    These photos especially the second one make me feel uncomfortable. I just felt like you should know.

    I do love your photography and continue to be inspired by the photos you post. I will keep reading your blog even though I disagree with this particular post.

  6. Wow…These are beyond…I love them…I love that i know YOU…I love that I know em & mick and that your love and respect for them is evedent in these photos…They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing these with me…loves
    kiss kiss

  7. Wow. That first picture is amazing. My first thought was that I wished *I* had a picture of me and my husband like that one! Such feeling in it! You’re inspiring — and that couple is gorgeous, I should add! I bet their kids will grow up to be real beauties.

  8. LOVE love love your photos. Since I’ve found you, I always think WWTD before and after snapping a shot (what would Tara do :-). How I’d love to have your eye and photoshop abilities!

    I do understand where Z is coming from, relative to the second picture of the (seemingly) nude little girl. I gasped a little bit, in a sad way. There’s something provocative about it.

    I do think the mom’s pregnant belly shot is terrific!

  9. thanks again for all the thoughts-the second one is a bit provocative-you are right-but i dont think its because she is only in her knickers-but its her expression-and that she had leftover eye make up on from playing earlier that day. there was something about it that made me gasp too. little girls run around with nothing but their knickers on, and i think at this age it is entirely appropriate.

    like i said before, i know they arent for everyone, but i only see innocence and beauty in them and i hope you can see them the way i do. or at least realize i wasnt unthinking and careless when i posted these.

    i know there are weirdos out there that can misconstrue anything that is posted on the net. that is something that anyone with a blog has to keep in mind. i know someone whose blog was found when they searched for boys/cereal or something like that. your kids can be fully dressed and be found appealing to the sickos.

    there are things you can do to protect yourself-dont use words that may be searched for, not even in naming your image-especially words that may be “interesting” to certain people. dont share private information. (schools, last names, etc) and some would say, dont post images of any type where the child is in any form of undress. its up to you to decide what feels right for your family.

    thanks again.

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