pink and brown

i was very happy inside when i walked up to this family. pink and brown and sooooo stinking cute.

the kids are 8, 6, and 4 and total cheeseballs. they were bigtime hamming it up for me. i think i cracked ’em though-and got them to relax and just smile at me when they wanted to. they were so fun.

mom commented to me that she thought her son looked a lot like drew, and i didnt see it until she said something and then, man-i totally saw it. in a really weird way. they could be brothers. and her youngest daughter reminded me so much of anna in her personality and her look.

anyway, i had a ton of favorites from this session. a ton. here are a few and then of course the album will be below.




album here

tech info:
entire session shot with my 85mm at 1.8,
and 4.0 for the group shots.
AV mode
cloudy afternoon at the beach

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  1. I get to be the first!?!? :) girl you make me yearn for a beach. So I guess I will have to move to the coast. I am thinking Charleston S.C. in about 5 weeks :)The Air Force life rocks sometimes!! We will be there travel worn and homeless but I can see me rushing them to the beach the minute get there! Don’t worry you will be there with me. Everytime I pick up the camera :)

  2. Can’t help but comment re: ‘the blog’ over the last few days…You’ve certainly got the Tara mojo going on here! Hmmmm…maybe it’s the artsy decor to your nose that’s put you on the creative upswing? Conquering ‘Stairway to Heaven’? Whatever it is…you’re on a roll kiddo! Gorgeous work!! It makes my heart happy.

  3. OK, I have been seeing your stuff for so long and loving it! Now I just have to tell you how amazing it is. You catch something magical. I want you to take pictures of my crazy bunch, but I live in WA and you don’t … bummer! Maybe our summer road trip might need to take a deture. I love your stuff! Kristy

  4. #1… these pic rock!! I’m heading out this afternoon to attempt my Christmas Card photo shoot with Alex at the beach near us. You sooo inspire me. I did a beach pic year before last but I’m read to do it again!

    Okay, the family… adorable!!! I love what they wore, those kids are too cute! The boy does look like Drew, I can totally see it. Also, Dad… HOT! LOL (sorry I couldn’t help it, really I’m a happily married woman of 12 years… but I just had to comment! LOL)

  5. Great work girl, as usual. Every time I see these shoots I so want to fly out there and pay you major wads of cash to photograph us! I MUST say, dad in this family is a HOTTY…he’s so photogenic. They all are. And the boy is Drew’s twin…eerie. Put glasses on him and you’ve have his double. Could come in handy if Drew is every unable to get a family pic with you all …just call this kid up to stand in, lol. Off to edit some pics of my littlest I took today.

  6. I so love the beach shoots, this one is great yet again. The kids are adorable and I can only imagine you had a fun time doing this one :)
    Even on a colder and cloudy day the photos are a blast T. Great job :)

    have a nice day

  7. I love the photo of the three kids on your main page. What a treasure to get all three smiling at once. I love your colour shots, do you do any converting on the computer or is it just your white balance setting. I have been admiring them for a while.


  8. BEAUTIFUL. To the core!!! I love the ones with the dad and kids.. especially dad and son all you see is dad’s hands… great!! then there is the one with mom and dad kids blurred in the background. You have definately stepped up to the plate on this one. WISH YOU WERE LOCAL… hey i have a beach but NO Tara!!

  9. I have been a fan of your photography for some time now. You just get better and better with every shoot! I appreciate your willingness to share your immense talent with us. Thank you also for recently including your technical info as well! Always a pleasure to see your work!

  10. WOW! Don’t ya think Minnesota snowbanks could make a nice setting for some of your awesome photo’s. I would love to bundle up my family for a photo session with you.

  11. Gorgeous. You truly have a gift. I don’t know how I could ever afford to come to you because I would want huge poster sizes of every single picture, you capture magic in each one. Bravo.

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