lisa and rob and matt and allie

a mom who let me come over to her house! i am feeling a bit stale at the beach, so this was very fun.

great kids, super nice parents. thanks lisa!

here are a few of my favorites:





i had several moments during this shoot where the good magic would happen. where as i pushed the shutter, i knew that i was getting magic from these people and these kids. i love when that happens.

here is the rest of the album.

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  1. I bow to the don’t give in to temptation – your home is going to be just great goddess! As much as I love the shots you’ve taken at the beach – I love my family, in our place where all the magic happens. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  2. so fun to see you in a new place too!! YOu capture everyone so beautifully…love the one of the kids hugging with the parents in teh background…priceless. YOu have a gift and I am so glad to see you use it!! Truly amazing work on all the shoots you have uploaded lately. You rock! :)

  3. Your pictures are so incredibly beautiful. I just finished taking a Digital Photography class – our last assignment was “Taking Pictures of People” and I sure was trying to take them a la Tara Whitney, lol. I think I got a good one of my husband that was very Tara-ish. :O)
    Once we have kids we’ll have to plan a cross-country trip or fly you to Florida to get our pictures taken!

  4. when i was looking at these i totally thought ‘this looks like a Pottery barn catalog’…totally incredibley adorable…you are quite a talent!…thank you for always sharing with us even though most of us will never get to be a customer:)

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