suzanne and her lovely little family


my friend suzanne was on vacation near me and so i drove to see her. we met at the Seal Beach pier, which was actually a VERY cool spot to meet. the pier had mega character and charm.


suze is a big photography buff, like me-and for the last five years, i have gotten to know her and her girls through photographs. we have talked on the phone a few times and finally met for the first time, last year.


she is incredibly talented. her photos wow me each and every time. her color. her life. her girls are absolutely beautiful.



it was so weird to see them, and actually capture them my own way, with my own camera, and my own eye. to see them pop up on my computer as i edited. to see the gorgeous gabby and farron the way *I* saw them. and not through a photo that their mother took. it was really weird. and really cool.


suzanne picked the COOLEST outfits for them to wear. these are so going in the "port" to give clients ideas for color at the beach. everyone always picks jeans and white shirts-which is what i would pick too-but she inspired me. (i think this may become a
signature shot for families.)


without further ado, the rest of: suzanne and family.

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  1. Goose Bumps

    Yes, I have goose bumps from those pictures. They are awesome. Your talent for photography leaves me speechless.

    There is not much of ANYTHING that would provoke me to get on a plane with my 2 children and head to Calfornia….however… if I had the opportunity, money and nerve I would come to Calfornia for YOU!!!

    You are such as inspiration as a mom, photographer and scrapper.

    Thanks for sharing everthing with us


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