i was so excited to get a phone call yesterday inviting me to hang out with two buddies. the aforementioned jamie, and lisa mcg.

i was lucky it is spring break and that mckenna was done with therapy. i was lucky that i was home to get the phone call. i was lucky that i got there in record time.

but i was especially lucky to have the time to photograph this sweet family.


more photos from this shoot HERE.

“The camera can photograph thought.” -Dirk Bogarde


i realized today as i was backing out of my driveway that my trees are no longer blossomING. they have blossomED. i missed the blossoming of the plum trees. my favorite part of spring. in only three weeks, they have gone from bare to full and purple.

was it foresight that led me to photograph these tiny blossoms on february 8th? whatever it was, i am glad for it. i came upstairs when we got home today to go through the photos i took. i guess i didnt totally miss it after all.