I just decided. I’m blogging again.

The goal for this session was to get photographic evidence of their life and their house in Portland, OR before a big adventurous move to Ukraine, where Mom was raised. It took place just a few weeks before they left – so the photos were delivered and viewed in Ukraine – cool. Two things to note: I was warned before-hand that Dad was notoriously awkward for photos, and was texted hours before by mom in a last minute panic about the house. FYI this is a very very typical house for me to shoot in. Modest, small, patchy light – you will see we clung to windows. It was perfect. I tell you this to prove a point: it doesn’t matter, because you would never know.

I will make sure your husband has fun and your house looks flooded in light. ;)


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  1. thank you SO much for blogging again. i have missed you-and these beautiful images are just tremendous. you are amazing and i really appreciate you sharing your talent with the world!!!

  2. I just checked in on what you’re up to after a long time away…and discovered that you posted just yesterday, after a long time away. Just a little bit of serendipity I guess. Tara I’ve followed you for years, and YOU are the reason I fell in love with photography. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many with your photos and your words. You are cherished. <3

  3. Tara, these are amazing! I am so happy to hear you are blogging again. I am so looking forward to it. I have been following you for a while now. Your work is so inspiring. Welcome back!!

  4. To say I’ve missed your blogging is an understatement and I am not sure what led me over here to have a hopeful peek tonight! I am absolutely over the moon. Love.Love.Love this post and I just want to say … “thanks for the M.A.G.I.C!” and “Welcome back” you have been so missed. Of course, I follow you on Insta but it’s not the same! <3

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