“I love unposed images,” said Mom in one of our planning emails.

Music to my ears.

I got a little misty over the photos of Dad in this session, because men trend towards having the highest wall for me to break through, and he was so sincere.

These are very simple, and real, and that means a lot to me.



PS: I may or may not have taught the boys to spit off the pier.

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  1. Well these are amazing. I bet that Mom is totally smitten with the shots you got. It’s a dream of mine to get family photos taken by you. Too bad I live so far away!!!

  2. ok. so, i scrolled thru this, all set with myfavoriteshot, myfavoriteshot, myfavoriteshot… I love the mom shots (as the one always behind the the camera)– the windblown ones, the one with her beautiful smile, but especially, the seashell collecting ones,as I connect with my children in nature. I’d love to have Tara accompany us on a frog hunt! The framing is beautiful – the light, the line of silhouettes, pier, the iphone shot…
    Can I impose upon you & end this with a question? What is your walk-around-lens? I just (seemingly ;-() broke my kit lens. My husband kindly got me a 55-200, but it’s just too big too me… thanks!

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