This one was really cool for me because I have known the parents for a very long time. Dad (Matt) and I went to church together as kids. His parents were the youth leaders, and I had a lot of great times with them. Matt married the most lovely person (Julie), and I have ALWAYS wanted to get my hands on their family for a shoot.

Finally got my chance.

We started off at their house and then stopped for dinner at their local fave, Tio’s Tacos, a place rich in eye candy, to say the least. Once we were technically finished, I still wanted a little more time with them and knew I had a tiny bit of light left, so we raced across town to find a hill to climb. I squeezed as much as possible out of our time together and ended in the best way possible, with portraits at dusk as the city lights came on in the distance, and warm goodbye hugs all around.


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