A few of my favorite things. Typical family, typical home, typical afternoon that includes playtime, bath time, and snuggle time. As I drove up to their house I passed a field and knew the light would hit it in just the very best way in an hour or so. I asked if we could end there, it was just down the street, and they weren’t sure what I was talking about. I felt foolish, and had to explain the marsh and the palm trees, backing up to a park, and they had to follow me there. In that moment I doubted myself, and almost backed off the idea. Glad I didn’t.

I feel genuine surprise that most people wouldn’t think twice about an overgrown, marshy back lot of a playground. It’s proof you can trust me in two very important areas. One, if I propose something wacky (to you), I must have a vision in mind. And two, location doesn’t matter one little bit.

It’s all light and love.



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