A family with older children living in Portland. There are a few cute back stories to this session that I have to tell you.

When she booked, Mom told me that she had shared my Instagram feed with her son, to show him my work. He approved me for his senior photos, and THEN he redecorated his bedroom because the photos of my house inspired him. After I melted into a puddle and came back to life I was able to reply to her email. I MEAN – I have never felt so loved. I knew he must be a kindred spirit and as you can imagine, I was dying to meet him.

Two days before the session, Mom texts me about two things. One, her daughter had just dyed her hair hot pink and her son had bleached his. She was attempting to let it go. And two, they still weren’t positive what location they wanted for the shoot. I said “bring it on” about the hair, and pushed for the house, but she told me it looked like a garage sale and didn’t seem totally keen on the idea. I told her we could focus on her son’s room and see what happened from there. She agreed. I get there and I’m like, UM HELLO YOU ARE CRAZY AND YOUR HOUSE IS ADORABLE AND SO YOU. How could we NOT have shot here?!

BEGIN RANT**This just goes to show, your house may not seem photo ready to you, but what you consider photo ready and what I consider photo ready are dramatically different. There is always something interesting to find and being at home makes everyone relax and it is so important to add that dose of your family personality to your photos. Please, please let me come over.**END RANT

We start the session in the room inspired by my house (squeee) and I can’t stop smiling because it is such an unexpected connection and I feed off his sweet creativity and friendliness.

I ask about doing something in the daughter’s bedroom, and she says no, it’s okay, it’s too messy. I push a little harder but she isn’t budging so we go out back. After shooting a bit, I see pink walls and bright yellow curtains hanging in the window of a bedroom. The bedroom of the daughter with the hot pink hair, and I can instantly imagine her hair matching her curtains in a photo and I turn to her and say, “OH, you are taking me into your bedroom, RIGHT NOW.” And she laughs and she does and she is lovely and when I show her the back of the camera I know I was right to follow my gut.

Portland, OR.


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  1. I think these are my favoritest of everything you’ve done, including my own session! What a sweet looking family. I’m sure they’ll love this time capsule forever. Just goes to show – trust the professional! :)

  2. I always love looking at your photographs (I want to BE you) but this session really got to me. The one of everybody looking out their bedroom windows? May be my favorite of all time.

  3. Ummm. Speechless. Stunned. Wow. The son in the closet. The daughter on her bed. Everyone hanging out of the windows. Tara you have the most incredible way with people and a camera.

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