I am no longer living the fancy free life of our beautiful summer, which means I am back to my daily routine, which means the goals I made a few posts ago (about blogging at least twice a week) are back on my priority list. I have always loved round-up posts, so what the heck, I am going to do my very own. Here is a list of things I am digging this week:


Well your body shows up every day, every breath and tries. Really hard.
Despite donuts, pop, chips, coffee or pie.
It shows up and puts out effort for you.
And if after every heartbeat, step, every breath, and grocery bag lifted, you have the nerve to say
“Why aren’t you thinner, or rounder or longer, or lusher, or more radiant?” then I think you need to take a long look at the way you treat the best friend you have, your body.
Your legs are shorter than a supermodel? But they carry you?
You have 50 bones in your feet, paint those toes!
You have hips that sway and a belly that houses the mechanical miracles that ensure that the odd carrot or glass of milk turns into what you need to keep going.
Give your lungs a walk in the air.
Give your hair a shake.
Stop being a bitch to your best, best, only best friend.
Be grateful, be mindful, show some friendship to your parts of your partner.
It is not your body’s responsibility to decorate the world for the gaze of others. It is not a guarantee of love or an advertisement of your worth.
You are not your ass, your hair or your dress size
Take care what you put in it, where you run it or walk it, and treat it with the love you’d give to a helpless baby.
No one else is going to do it if you don’t.

-The Speech From The Crone


2. Humans of New York

(Brandon is taking a UN World Tour and the photos and stories he has been sharing are breathtaking, humbling, perspective bringing.) You can also find him on Instagram, which is my preferred method of keeping up with him.



3. Life Serial aka Matthew Allard

“You and me and everyone else we know, different but still holding onto some shred of the same, in tiny colored boxes, living our secret little lives.”


4. James Brown Gives You Dancing Lessons





5. Recently edited sessions:



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