I am loving these new actions just released by photographer Krysta Metcalf. Krysta is a friend of mine but I wouldn’t be sharing with everyone if I didn’t sincerely love how they look on my images. I think we all get stuck in editing ruts, and I for one love mixing up my editing process. Keeps things fresh, and it’s fun to make different styles work for me.

I tend to use actions at a very low opacity, just enough to give images a wee little bump, and appreciate the ones that work with my style of shooting. While Krysta’s work is stylized and ethereal, they even work on images that are more documentary and realistic in nature, like mine. Wanderlust actions give my images a dreamy, saturated look that made me clap with glee (literally) in my computer chair.

Bonus : I’m excited and inspired to edit, which is always a very good thing.


You can find more information about Wanderlust Actions here.

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  1. I love your work and how you share your heart and beautiful family with all of us. You are so real and your work is so gorgeous. I hope to have you shoot my family one day! xo

  2. I got these and really like them too! I am just experimenting with all the possibilities, there are so many of them! Just curious, in your workflow, would you apply these after a lightroom edit, or just work on them straight out of camera? I love your work!!

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