FAMILY PHOTOS IN THE PARK \ drenched in sun and finger paint

These sweet people are from Northern California, and have hired me once before. During the planning stages, Mom shared that the girls’ favorite thing to do was play in the backyard with finger paints and then jump into the kiddie pool. She told me how they would go to town on paper and all over their own bodies, and I could just ENVISION how amazing that would be to photograph. I told her that I wished I could just photograph them at home because it sounded so dreamy! We came up with this as a compromise, and I had so much fun doing this with them.

I brought the pool to the park and after we were done playing on the swings and in the sun, Dad took who knows how many trips to the bathroom sink with a (tiny) container so that we could fill this pool up with water.

All that, AND I was given two beautiful pieces of art that I still have hanging up in my kitchen.

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