January 2014 on film.
Nikon One Touch | Kodak Ektar and Fuji 400

I didn’t shoot very much in January – in fact, this is every photo I took with my One Touch that month. Good or bad, I decided to share them all. February will be better.


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  1. Picnics and playbills: trade your calendar for mine. o, and your weather, too! looking like a life well lived! The orange tree looks like it’s been collaged/is floating onto the the cloud/blue sky.

    ps: i dug out my cannon slr yesterday – inspired by you. wondering what’s on that mystery roll of film in it!

  2. I love your new branding!! So cool. So you. You will forever be my hero. Thanks for being true to yourself. You give the rest of us the freedom to do the same. Everytime I see your work it inspires me to shoot more for myself. I love that we can relive moments again and again through our photos. I only wish I had a billion more from when my babies were little. Time goes too fast!

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